WTrans Projections and Coordinate conversions

  • (B,L,h) <-> (X,Y,Z) computations (fig. 1)
  • Ellipsoidal confocal coordinates <-> (X,Y,Z)
  • Different Map Projections (B, L) <-> (Eastern, Northern) (fig.1)

    General types of projections:
    • UTM
    • Gauss-Krüger
    • Mercator
    • Lambert
    • Soldner

    Country-specific projection-realizations:
    • Lambert Belgium 2005
    • Lambert Estonia
    • Lambert France 1993
    • Gauss-Krüger Austria
    • Switzerland conformal double-projections (LV95 and LV03+)
    • EOV Hungary

  • Alternatively an automatic detection or a manual selection of reference meridian in case of Gauss-Krüger and UTM.
WTrans Ellipsoidal Computations
  • Computation of meridian length of arc and its inversion.
  • Computation of direct and inverse geodetic problem.
WTrans Transformation parameter estimation
  • 3D and 2D over-determined transformation problems in Least Squares Estimation and Robust L1 Norm Estimation (fig. 2).
WTrans Transformation parameter database
  • Administration of sets of transformation parameters and forward transformation with selected parameter sets. (fig. 4).
  • Available for 3D transformations (nonlinear, linearzed and Molodensky-type)
WTrans Tools
  • Open ellipsoid data base (fig. 5)
  • 2D Graphical Viewer (fig. 6)
Multilingual Version
  • In the options page, it can be switched between German and English Version. The manual is also available in both languages.

Figure 1. WTrans-Software. MapProjections. Click to enlarge image.

Figure 2. WTrans-Software. Ellipsoidal Computations. Click to enlarge image.

Figure 3. WTrans-Software. Transformations. Click to enlarge image.

Figure 4. WTrans-Software. Transformation Parameterset Database. Click to enlarge image.

Figure 5. WTrans-Software. Options. Click to enlarge image.

Figure 6. WTrans-Software. Graphical Coordinate Viewer. Click to enlarge image.