GPS3D is a software package for the common adjustment of relative and absolute GPS configurations. In the sense of a strict 3D adjustment the covariance matrices of the single sessions and/or baseline may be introduced. Absolute sessions may consist of configurations of several points (e.g. a 1st order network) or of single fix points.
Fully occupied covariance-matrices or diagonal covariance-matrices can be handled.
The software GPS3D can be used for the control of GPS a processing, or for the controlled evaluation of final GPS networks, which consist of several sub networks or blocks.
The quality control in GPS3D is based on

  • 3D a prioiri and a posteriori tests related both to relative and absolute GPS-observations

  • Variance component estimation

  • 3D estimation of gross errors in case of significant test statistics.

  • Strict description of the influence of 3D gross errors both on the relative and on the absolute network points’ situation.

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