GZTraS (GeoZilla RTCM Transformation Server)

GZTraS is a Windows-based Server for GNSS-Network-Software and provides the functionality of a so-called transformation modules to provide RTCM 3.1 transformation messages [1].

GZTraS is implemented as a TCP-Server and is able to handle requests based on the NMEA-position (e.g. $GGA-String) of different Clients. A client may be the Network-Software of a GNSS-Network, which passes the GNSS-Rover request through to GZtraS (figure 1) or directly a GNSS-Rover.

Different transformation modules represented by configurations (e.g. for a country) can be handled by GZTraS in order to allow a flexible declaration of the RTCM-transformation-messages and their data content and message-design.

The present implementation and configuration of GZTraS is due to DFLBF- and DFHRS as reference transformation concepts and datebases. Any other 3D, Plan or Height reference transformation and database e.g. (Data-Grids, geopotential models, etc.) may be implemented and configured accordingly to provide the derived RTCM-Message.

The functionality of GZTraS is presently tested out in a diploma thesis.

A Version of GZTraS with a test-client (GZTraC) can be downloaded here. The reference-transformation and databases included in the setup are the DFLBF- and DFHBF databases of Bavaria, Germany. The DFLBF database has a mean accuracy of only 5 to 10 cm as it was computed with only 150 identical points all over the 300 x 300 km area of Bavaria. The DFHBF database has a mean height accuracy of 1 cm. An overview on already available transformation databases can be found at http://www.ib-seiler.de and at http://www.dfhbf.de.

The Source-Code of the test-client can be handed out in case of interest.

Further Information: See Literature

Figure 1: Communication Architecture - GNSS User, GNSS Network and Transformation Server. Click to enlarge image.

Figure 2: GZTraS - GeoZilla RTCM Transformation Message Server. Click to enlarge image.

Figure 3: GZTraC - GeoZilla RTCM Transformation Message Client. Click to enlarge image.

Download GZTraS and GZTraC