CoPaG/DFLBF Databases for Albania

The CoPaG and DFLBF databases for Albania were computed in cooperation with Center for Geophysics Vasil Shanto and the Institute of Military Geography in Tirana, Albania.

With respect to the classical Albanian plan network datum ALB87 four databases were computed:

  • CoPaG database ALB87 ETRS89
  • CoPaG database ALB87 ITRF96.1998.0
  • DFLBF database ETRS89 ALB87
  • DFLBF database ITRF96.1998.0 ALB87

The figure shows the situation of the meshing design together with the identical points and the accuracy surface.

Meshing, identical points and residuals of the CoPaG DB Albania. Click to enlarge image.

The poster below is presented at EUREF 2004 Symposium at Bratislava. It treats the results of the cooperation project between DFHRS- and CoPaG-Teams Karlsruhe and Albanian institutes and agencies. The project was directed to the computation of databases for GNSS-related plan (DFLBF) and height (DFHRS) positioning e.g. in a GNSS / GPS reference-station network service. Further the CoPaG database enables the transformation of the old classical horizontal network positions to ETRS89.