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New Version of Geozilla RTCM-Transformation Server GZTraS and Client GZTraC available:
Download GZTraS/GZTraC.


Contribution to Technoprom 2014, Novosibirsk: "Geodetic Infrastructures for GNSS-Positioning Services(GIPS)"


6th German-Brazilian Symposium, Sustainable Development (6. Deutsch-Brasilianisches Symposium Nachhaltige Entwicklung, 6° Simpósio Brasil-Alemanha Desenvolvimente Sustentável), 29.09.2013 - 05.10.2013, Universidade Federal do Oeste do Pará, Santarem, Brasilien

Poster-Presentation: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Reiner Jäger: "Geodetic Infrastructures for GNSS Positioning Services (GIPS) - General Concept and GIPS-Development for the State of Brazil"


17. Internationale geodätische Woche Obergurgl 2013, 17.-23.02.2013, Obergurgl, Austria.

Poster-Presentation: Dr. Ismail Kabashi, DI Josef Angst, DI Michaela Ragossnig-Angst, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Reiner Jäger, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Simone Kälber, MSc. Eng. Bilbil Nurce: "Geodetic Infrastructures for the Albanian GNSS-Positioningservice ALBPOS"


Reiner Jäger, Simone Kälber, Lagutina Elena and Tatyana Gorokhova (2012): "Determination of transformation parameters between international and state coordinate systems on the territory of the Novosibirsk region" ("ОПРЕДЕЛЕНИЕ ПАРАМЕТРОВ ПЕРЕХОДА ОТ ОБЩЕЗЕМНОЙ К ГОСУДАРСТ ВЕННОЙ СИСТЕМЕ КООРДИН АТ НАТЕРРИТОРИЮ НОВОСИ БИРСКОЙ ОБЛАСТИ"). Paper presented by Tatyana Gorokhova at the Interexpo Geosiberia 2012, Novosibirsk, Russia, 17.04.2012 - 19.04.2012.


Vasile Chiriac, Livia Nistor-Lopatenco, Andrei Iacovlev, Vasile Grama, Reiner Jäger, Peter Spohn, Ghadi Younis, Simone Kälber (2011): "Development of geodetic databases for MOLDPOS services". Presented by Vasile Chiriac at the United Nations International Meeting on the Applications of Global Navigation Satellite Systems, Vienna, Austria, 12 - 16 December 2011.


The SAPOS Baden-Württemberg transformation message is produced with GZTraS (Geozilla Transformation Server).
See http://www.sapos-bw.de/dienste_heps.htm
and http://www.sapos-bw.de/gps_Transformation.htm


Leica SmartNet runs with horizontal transformation based on the CoPaG-concept (DFLBF-databases).
See http://www.leica-geosystems.com/downloads123/de/nrs/reference_station/other/SmartNet-Germany-Submeter-Dienst_de.pdf


R. Jäger (2011): " Geodetic Infrastructures for GNSS-Positioning-Services (GIPS) - The Motor for Prospective and Economy Relevant Developments in Public, RaD and Industry Sector at Brazil". Presented at SBPC (Sociedade Brasileira para o Progresso da Ciência) Conference 2011 - German Scientific Delegation in Goiania, Brazil.


GIPS Realisation for CROPOS using RTCM 3.1 Transformation Messages (1021, 1023) Tomislav BASIC: "CROPOS - Current Status and Implementatin of T7D Transformation Model".

See also: Željko BACIC, Marinko BOSILJEVAC and Marijan MARJANOVIC (2011): "Usage and Upgrade ofthe CROatian POsitioning System - CROPOS". Paper presented to: FIG Working Week 2011 - Bridging the Gap Between the Culture; Marrakesh, Morocco, 18-22 May 2011.


R. Jäger (2010): "Geodätische Infrastrukturen für GNSS-Dienste (GIPS)".

In: "Vernetzt und ausgeglichen: Festschrift zur Verabschiedung von Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Dr.-Ing. e.h. Günter Schmitt (Band 2010,3) ". Zippelt, Karl (Ed.), Schriftenreihe des Studiengang Geodäsie und Geoinformatik, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie, Studiengnag Geodäsie und Geoinformatik. 978-3-86644-576-5, Dez. 2010. Pages 151-169. Download of complete book at: http://www.ksp.kit.edu/shop/isbn2shopid.php?isbn=978-3-86644-576-5 


XV Int. Symposium Geoinformation Monitoring of Environment 13 - 18 September 2010 Alushta, Krimae, Ukraine.

Contribution Vasile Chiriac et al. - GIPS XV Int Symposium Alushta 2010 in Russian Language


GNSS Vulnerabilities and Solutions 2010 05 - 08 September 2010 Baska, Krk Island, Croatia

Contribution Jäger et al: Geodetic Infrastructure for GNSS-Positioning-Services (GIPS)


New Version of WTrans available. Support of 1D fitting points - besides the already existing 2D and 3D fitting points - now implemented.

WTrans, Download bei heise

Download WTrans (10 Points Demo-Version).


Trimble VRSNow Germany runs with horizontal transformation based on the CoPaG-concept (DFLBF-databases). (Overview.jpg)